Saturday, April 6, 2013

Who's Afraid of CLOS SARON?

Whatever marketing executive came up with the title "Cult California" to describe wines that are treated like stocks and investment opportunities more than part of the table clearly doesn't put his work away when sitting down for dinner. Instead of financializing one's appetite, we'd like to give credit to California winemaking at its pinnacle where credit is actually due. 

Clos Saron
Gideon Beinstock, Susan Rice, and their small children, embody the American spirit in a distinctly Californian manner; instead of rehashing French formulae ("Meritage!?!") for blending their grapes, their starting premise is that French grapes Taste Different in American soil and thus should be fermented and blended uniquely in ways that exemplify their exceptional terroir in the Sierra Foothills. Thus they co-ferment grapes in unusual ways, achieving clarity and texture that's only found in their wines. The love and care that goes into every unorthodox bottle is just insane, with each batch of wines clocking a few hundred bottles, if that. 

Every part of our Thirst team takes our hats off to these wines, and have probably passionately sold more Clos Saron than most other wine merchants combined. We are proud to offer from our allocation some exclusives, both vin de soif and vin de garde. One sip and you'll just forget your cult costume at the cleaners (the "Wine Storage Locker"). 

Clos Saron Rose 2012, $34 
Clos Saron Carte Blanche 2012, $34
Clos Saron [Cinsault] Out of the Blue 2011, $34 
Clos Saron [Pinot Noir] Home Vineyard 2010, $68 
Clos Saron [Syrah/Viognier] Stone Soup 2010, $55 
Clos Saron [Syrah/Viognier] Heart of Stone 2007, $43 
Clos Saron [Syrah/Viognier/Merlot] Cuvee Mysterieuse 2007, $43 
Clos Saron [Syrah/Viognier/Cabernet Sauvignon/Petite Verdot] Black Pearl, $43 

Normal six-pack and case discounts apply. As limited as it gets. Click here to order.
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