Monday, April 8, 2013

Mediterranean Spring

We at Thirst Wine Merchants believe strongly in the greatness of Bandol; a greatness rooted by its Provençal terroir facing the Mediterranean Sea. If there's a place whose food and lifestyle we would never refuse for a respite, the shelves of our store in Fort Greene betray our preferences.  

String-turned roast of lamb at Domaine Tempier
Today we offer a "diagonal" flight across multiple vintages and vineyard sites of Bandol, making a case for the distinctiveness of its terroirs. We know of no other selection that's as passionate for Bandol as ours, and we hope you'll trust and share in our enjoyment of these treasures.

What you'll find here is a rustic and characterful Bandol planted entirely in clay soil (Gros 'Noré), a supple and luxurious Bandol from clay mixed with limestone (Tempier), and an ethereal Bandol coming from marl mixed into blue clay and a particular brown limestone (Terrebrune); as well as the field blends of different vineyards--for Tempier, their Bandol Rouge more Mourvèdre and Grenache; La Migoua less Mourvèdre and more Grenache and Cinsault; and La Tourtine, which has the most Mourvèdre of the bunch. 

To balance the budget of your case, we're also offering two fantastic values of declassified Bandol wines from the Provençal appellation of Vin de Pays du Mont-Caume, younger vines from the same terroiras well as what may be our favorite rosé.

Jean Pierre Gaussen VdP du Mont-Caume 2010, $15 
Domaine Terrebrune VdP du Mont-Caume 2010, $23 
Domaine Terrebrune Bandol Rosé 2011, $34 
Domaine Terrebrune Bandol 1987, $129 
Domaine du Gros 'Noré Bandol 2006, $39 
Domaine Tempier Bandol 2006, $50 
Domaine Tempier Bandol la Migoua 2008, $73
Domaine Tempier Bandol la Tourtine 2008, $75 

5% off four bottles from this email, and 10% off six or more. Quantities extremely limited! Click here to order.

In addition to all of this, a TWM event you don't want to miss! François and Jonathan Sack of Tempier's neighbor, Clos Sainte Magdaleine, will pour their wines in our store on April 26th from 6pm until 8pm. 

stay true, 
the Thirst people 

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