Monday, November 17, 2008

Awe-Inspiring & Unbelievable

Penguin's in the rear view mirror. My exhaustion dissipates. After sleeping in four days straight, I work out four days in a row. My energy comes back!

What an unbelievable joy it is to sleep in, leisurely read the NY Times, listen to NPR, meander, brainstorm, run errands, focus exclusively on the store.

Thirst has a number of in-store tastings coming up that I'm eagerly anticipating. In the immediate future, we have a Beaujolais Nouveau Celebration this Thursday, Zev Rovine on Sunday, and, wow!, host Amy Lillard from La Gramiere on Tuesday.

Emilia and I are excitedly planning our January wine trip!

And, yes, my birthday wish was granted. Thanks to everyone who made it happen! Our 44th President is a thinker, a reader, one real smart dude! Yay!

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