Monday, October 13, 2008


Fear rules us too much. Now is the time to embrace change.

I've been working two full-time jobs for two years and I'm more than ready to leave my day job behind. Goodbye corporate boredom! Okay, there are some stimulating things about working in book publishing that I will miss, but I feel as if I was meant to be a wine merchant. And, boy, is it much better to be your own boss, even though running a small business is probably one of the most difficult things one can do. But it can also be one of the most satisfying. In fact, it's been a tremendous pleasure, beyond my expectations, to be able to start and run Thirst with Emilia. Our dialog about Thirst makes it better and truer.

The trick is not to be completely consumed by the store. When my father was a grocery store owner, the city required that he be closed one day a week. Now, that idea seems quaint and distant. It was hard for him to stop working but it might be even harder for me because I'm so obsessed with our products.

This is such an interesting time to live in. Scary, yes, but also a time when there is a sense of hopefulness. We are blessed, too, to have the best customers.


Terence said...

All good luck, Michael.

Now start posting often! This blog will give you a hell of a good way to build (slowly, slowly) your wine-interest and customer communities.

If I can't make it to the KL event, I'll be calling you to chat about my wines, which are FINALLY about to land here.

A dopo.

Michael Yarmark said...

Terence, thanks for the good wishes, encouragement, advice. Yes, the trick is, of course, to post often. Which I will try to do.

I hope to see you at the Kermit Lynch event at our store on Friday, 10/24. If not, please reach out to me about your wines. I'm curious.

westvillageidiot said...

When did you leave Penguin???

Anyway, am *loving* your posts.

Christine Cody

Michael Yarmark said...

Hi Christine,

Hope things are good with you. I left Penguin in November. Hope you have a chance to stop by the store and say hello.


Joe Manekin said...

Greetings from your former adopted hometown...

I've enjoyed reading several of your postings. Hope things are going well at the shop. I would love to chat with you, or if it's easier, maybe email some questions about your experiences thus far a year (?) into the business.